Can we depend on astrology or not?

There is the argument if people should depend on astrology or not. For those who have their own religion and have their own faith, surely they would not believe in astrology. They already have a doctrine to believe and to follow. They have their own faith to guide them in their life here on earth. But for those who enjoy the benefit of astrology, they could not live without it. They used astrology to be able to know what is their future and what they could do so that the negative things would be avoided.

They consider astrology as a science but given with divinity that they could follow and will put their belief. As they have witnessed how it has given them guidance and have been able to know their past, present and future life so they regard astrology as their own religion. They have their own faith and they would practice what they should do so that they will be able to live on this earth comfortably.

Those who believe in astrology have been able to also predict things that would happen or explain some things that are not easily understood by some. By using the needed knowledge, the reason could be established. All the moon and other parts of the universe have a relation to each other and one could cause the misbehavior or any strange attitude of one person. The conclusion could be that if you have chosen to believe in Gd the stick to it. If you like astrology then stay with it.