One of the most popular names in the world is Nostradamus. Many people know him and if you will mention him, they would associate something with his name. This person is one of the famously labeled astrologers. He is one of the first names who would be stated when the beginning of astrology is being talked about. But it is not just that because even at this time, he is very popular. That is because of the works that he had made or written during his time.

It is the one that is entitled The Prophecies. There are many people who believe in them as it is stated that it has predicted many occurrences that had actually happened. Even if there is the side of the argument that what he wrote could not be reliable as there are less who know how to translateĀ his work as it is written in French. When they have translated it as others argue that it was made to coincide with what they believe and not really on the point of view of Nostradamus.

In his life also, there are mistakes that he had done and he cannot use without error the prediction of natal birth. He usually asksĀ for the birth chart of people that he will make predictions to. That is why there is a question of his ability and accuracy. But whatever it is many people still believe in him and they talk really big when it comes to Nostradamus.