Spiritual Healing Websites

Today all over the world, spiritual healing is becoming increasingly popular and in order to cater to this increasing popularity, there are now several websites which deal with it. On the more official website you will see that spiritual healing is not considered as an alternative medicine but rather as an enhancement to traditional medical procedures. Some websites may even explain how there are six different types of spiritual healing, all of which are becoming more popular. Of these six, two are similar as a minister will do the healing and in contact healing the healer will place their hand on the person to be healed and in the other, near to body healing; the healer merely indicates the area to be healed without ever touching the person.

Two of the other types of spiritual healing are also similar and they are absent healing and distant healing. With both of these types of healing, many people, such as a church congregation, will pray and wish for a person to be healed but with absent healing there is no need for the person being healed to even be present whilst with distant healing, it is usual that the person being healed will be in the same room as the healers.

The other two types of spiritual healing are trance healing and magnetic healing. Actually trance healing could be placed in the first group as it is almost identical to contact healing except that the person doing the healing lets themselves fall into a trance before beginning. Magnetic healing is perhaps in a group of its own as this is the transference of energy from one person, the healer, to another, the person to be healed. This particular type of spiritual healing where energy is transferred from one person to another has been the cause of an old wives tale which says that a child should not sleep with an elderly person in fear that the elderly person will sap the youngster’s energy. This is of course nothing but a tale as it needs the giver of the energy to be aware and wanting to give the energy to the other person and so it cannot be ‘stolen’.

The websites dealing with spiritual healing will also mention the importance of meditation in the healing process. Obviously the healer must believe that they are capable of healing but also the one to be healed must also believe in order for it to work. This means that both the healer and the one to be healed must have a certain mindset. Achieving this mindset is best done with the help of meditation and so many of the websites that speak of spiritual healing may also speak of meditation and some, perhaps the better websites, will have a section devoted to how to start meditating. Meditation and spiritual healing therefore go hand in hand and as meditation is also becoming increasingly popular, perhaps it is that which is behind the increased popularity of spiritual healing.